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J. Sterling Jewelry is a bridge jewelry collection made from high-quality precious and semiprecious metals & materials. All items are hypoallergenic, lead & nickel free, and made in the USA. Each product will have the specific materials of that item listed in the description. All of our gold (including rose gold) items are either 14K Gold-Filled or Gold Vermeil. All of our silver items are .925 Sterling Silver. See below for more information regarding each of these materials & for how to best care for your J. Sterling jewels & keep them looking great for years to come!


14k Gold-Filled
Gold-Filled metals are made by permanently heat-bonding a layer of 14K gold to an alloy/base metal core. Gold-Filled has 100 times the amount of 14K gold as plated jewelry. It is strong, durable, and resistant to tarnish – it will not flake off. This is true for both our yellow gold-filled & rose gold-filled products. Gold-Filled jewelry is legally required to be at least 5% or 1/20 gold by weight. This 5% is described by the karatage of the gold alloy on the surface. Most gold-filled material is 12K or 14K Gold-Filled. All of our materials at J. Sterling Jewelry are 14K Gold-Filled.
CARE: Wipe down your 14K Gold-Filled jewels regularly with a soft, dry cloth. Although 14K Gold-Filled jewelry is tarnish-resistant, it will still get dirty. The oils from your skin transfer to the metal and need to be washed off periodically. The easiest way to clean your gold-filled jewels is to lightly scrub it with an old soft toothbrush and warm water. If you must use soap, use a mild shampoo or dish soap. Rinse well, pat dry, and air dry. Make sure your jewelry is completely dry before storing.


Sterling Silver
.925 Sterling Silver is an alloy made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper (the copper is added to strengthen the metal so it is more durable than pure silver). Some of our Sterling Silver pieces may also be plated with rhodium, to give it extra shine and durability. Rhodium is one of the costliest precious metals due to its rarity. Oxidation is a naturally occurring reaction of the metal alloy and common elements in the air and water that surround us. All Sterling Silver will need to be cleaned periodically to remove this discoloring. All of our silver items at J. Sterling Jewelry are .925 Sterling Silver.
CARE: Wipe down your Sterling Silver jewels regularly with a soft, dry cloth. Sterling Silver can be sensitive to water, however the natural oils in your skin help to coat the silver and slow down the oxidation process, so it’s a great excuse to wear your jewels often! To best care for your Sterling Silver, clean your jewelry after each time you wear it to keep the tarnish, dirt, and oil buildup to a minimum. When it’s time for a deeper clean, polish your Sterling Silver with a paste of baking soda and water and a soft toothbrush in the palm of your hand. Rinse well and pat dry with a clean cloth. If your Sterling Silver is extremely tarnished, it can be covered in this baking soda paste and left overnight. The next morning, rinse well, use a soft toothbrush to get all the paste off, pat dry with a clean cloth, and let air dry. Make sure your jewelry is completely dry before storing. To prevent tarnishing between wearing, be sure to store your jewelry in a closed bag/box to slow the oxidation process & limit its exposure to air.


Gold Vermeil
Pronounced ‘ver-may,’ these types of jewels are Sterling Silver, coated in gold. Not to be confused with regular gold plating, gold vermeil is a much thicker layer of gold which gives the pieces their long-lasting color. Gold vermeil is the perfect option for those with metal allergies, due to the durable thickness of the gold combined with the quality base of Sterling Silver. Gold vermeil is an "insider's secret" of discerning jewelry buyers as premium materials (silver and gold) are used, but is a more affordable type of designer jewelry than solid gold. For a piece to be considered gold vermeil, the gold must be a minimum of 10k and 1.5 microns. J. Sterling gold vermeil jewels use 18K gold, layered on .925 Sterling Silver.
CARE: Gold vermeil jewelry requires special care. We recommend always removing your gold vermeil pieces before exposing to any moisture – exercising, showering, swimming, etc. Store your gold vermeil jewelry in an airtight container when not in use and definitely remove before applying perfumes, lotions, oils, etc. Chlorine, especially at high temperatures, can permanently damage or discolor your gold vermeil jewelry. Avoid wearing gold vermeil jewelry while using chlorine bleach or while in a pool or hot tub. To clean gold vermeil jewelry, very gently buff with a soft and dry 100% cotton cloth or a microfiber cloth. Never use chemical cleaners on gold vermeil jewelry – it can strip the gold finish. It is natural for gold vermeil jewelry to tarnish with time – it adds character to the item and makes it more unique.


Best practices to get the most out of your J. Sterling jewels:

  • To keep your jewelry clean, wipe down regularly with a dry, soft cloth.
  • Never use jewelry cleaner on your J. Sterling Jewelry.
  • Store your jewels in your J. Sterling jewelry pouch or inside an airtight box to avoid oxidation when not in use.
  • For stretch bracelets: gently roll off your wrist to limit overstretching & remove when sleeping to avoid any unnecessary tugging that may occur. All elastic is pre-stretched to help prevent any stretch-out, however, this is a best-practice to limit wear & tear over time. While the elastic used in the bracelets is professional grade, the elastic and the coloring on the plastic letter beads are subject to fading & degradation over time.
  • Expose to liquids at your own discretion, though we recommend removing your jewelry before exposing to any moisture, exercising, showering, swimming, etc. to simply get the most wear out of your jewels that you possibly can.
  • Limit exposure to chemicals such as perfume, hairspray, and other harsh detergents.
  • With proper care, your J. Sterling jewels can last for years to come! J. Sterling Jewelry is not liable for any damage to your jewels as a result of your own improper care.

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