J. Sterling Jewelry About The Boss - Jessica Johnson

I’m Jessica and I am the founder and designer of J. Sterling Jewelry. I’m a wiener dog mom to Banx and we live in California. I’m a lover of all things “woo-woo,” law of attraction, “witchy” & spiritual. I also love to travel and go on adventures! My journey here has been complex, but full of heart & soul. I created this brand to simply do better. Do better for me, do better for other women, and do better for jewelry as a whole. It has always been extremely important to me to provide a quality product at a fair price. Not only that, I wanted to create jewelry that you can feel good about.

My passion for this business is less about the jewelry itself and more about what it represents. Us women, we are powerful beings. We can build empires, leave lasting legacies. We can dream dreams, chase goals, and crush them with grace. For me, this is a representation of that power. It is a reminder to you that you can. Whatever it is, YOU CAN. We are not victims of our circumstances, but the creators of our reality. And every day I make these jewels just for you so that you never forget it.

My inspiration behind my collection comes from so many things! I am inspired by my own personal style & the things I love, mixed with my interests in mythology, spirituality, astrology, geometric shapes, color, and simply just cool, meaningful history or other fun facts. I love classic simplicity, minimal pops of color, sparkles, and dainty style. I love, love, love subtle, understated, luxurious beauty and it’s really what I strive to achieve with every look. 

I believe in empowering other women, in the beauty of simplicity, in always exhibiting integrity – it’s not JUST jewelry, it’s the principle. So, it needs to be RIGHT. I work hard on every single aspect & detail because I want it to be right for YOU. & I wouldn’t have it any other way! Welcome to J. Sterling Jewelry. This would be nothing without you.

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